Monday, September 14

Staying in shape

While I do not have any races planned at the moment (due to needing my glycogen for creative work efforts), I have managed to keep in shape. I am amazed that I can continually crank out 80 mile rides on the weekend without doing a whole lot during the week. I have also put a one hour run in on the weekends and feel great. I guess there is merit to the theory that athletes' efforts are cumulative.

Family and work responsibilities have taken front and center at the moment. There is a sense of peace now that I am not tired and irritable from a huge training load or that something or someone is going to interrupt a workout.

I was laughing this week since the most high intensity workout consisted of hearing the garbage truck at 6:30AM and realizing my bin was not at the curb, putting on clothes over the pajamas and dashing to push the big beast to the curb. I got there at exactly the same time as the driver who had a good laugh with me.

Giving up racing for the moment has been bittersweet. It is the right thing to do in this economy and I have had so much more creative energy for all I have needed to do. I have also had more time and patience for family. But there is an itch to have a race schedule, even if it is just to find a beautiful HIM course and have a goal to train and look forward to such an accomplishment.

I love long rides on the weekend. I am amazed that I still have that much endurance in me. The ride felt easy and I was definitely pushing the watts the whole way.

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Jacqui said...

Glad to hear you are staying fit Judy and getting to spend valuable time with your family and fun times with your boyfriend doing the things you love to do. The races will always be know that!