Thursday, March 19

3 pairs of gloves

While I was at the race expo last weekend, I bought 3 pairs of Ironman gloves - they were $12.50 each - a great deal because gloves in the bike store are usually more than $30. I always seem to need more of them - when you ride a lot and have little time for laundry it helps to have more of everything and my other pairs have gotten old (and lost!). 

And last night as I was putting away my closet (the shelving system collapsed last week and has been spread all over my room until my handyman could put it back up) I noticed them and thought OMG the things we take for granted - that you go about your days as though you will have endless amounts of them - seeing the gloves made me realize that. 

These thoughts are because I just found out someone close to us has cancer. I don't think it is that bad - we are awaiting the news from the surgery next month - hopefully they caught it early. 

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