Thursday, November 13

Great Year

Wow - I just finished putting together our annual year in review photo album that we always send to friends and I can't believe what a good and full year we have had. I am looking forward to more of the same for next year - and who wouldn't? Nicholas is doing well with school including his advanced math class that gets us up at 5AM and he has honors. I am doing okay with my business and have a lot of new products - which is a blessing in these times for sure. And I have met so many wonderful friends through my sport - am looking forward to more of the same for next year. I welcome a new coach, Will Ronco, who is happy to have me and will be understanding of my goals to excel in sports but maintain responsibility to my family and business. He works with Paulo so has the same more is more philosophy which I love. I must say I have enjoyed every minute of working with Paulo and have learned a lot through him and I have surpassed every goal and proven that hard work pays off. I have especially enjoyed watching all of my fellow athletes really excel in major races including Kona and Clearwater.

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Jacqui said...

Hey Judy
Love the slideshow...I am very impressed by all you are accomplishing. You looks so cute in your chefs hat...I will have to buy a book from you with autograph as your meals look delicious. Proud of you!