Friday, June 27

Swimming too far, ankle is good, goodbye to a dear friend

The ankle is good - I tested it a bit last night while walking the dogs and was able to run - but didn't push it - just glad to run with no pain and the dogs thought we were trying to catch these ducks so they were happy!!

This morning I rode the mountain bike to the pool. I was one of a few to show up for the 7AM class and that was fine - I just did the list. And swam. And swam. Put the pull buoy on half way through the warm up because my ankle was not liking the kicking. Kept swimming. And then realized I had been swimming for almost 1.5 hours. I added up the yards and it was like 4,400 - when it was supposed to be 3,000 - uh oh but I was sort of happy at that! Ran some errands on the bike and came back.

My PT says good - keep working on keeping swelling down and getting range of motion and then do more strength exercises. So that is the plan - glad to be back in the saddle - will proceed with the weekend as planned.

I received sad news about a dear friend, Babette Kulka, a triathlete here in South Florida, who touched the hearts of so many who are in our sport. She passed away in the hospital yesterday from head injuries received on a training swim in the ocean. She will be remembered by many for what she brought to our sport - to read the posts on the message board for her CarePage and our local club is amazing. She was with me on my very first open water swim 8 years ago and was one of the first people I trained with when I was first getting into the sport. I will never forget watching her swim in the ocean here - she was always amazing in the water - never a fear. And she worked hard to be able to qualify for Kona 4 years in a row - including this year. She was always kind and a delight to be around because of her energy. She will be missed by all of us here and especially her family.

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