Wednesday, November 28

Swim Breakthrough!

Swim breakthrough! I guess all of my video lessons are starting to pay off. I did improve my swimming last season with a lot of swimming. But wanted to take it to another level so got the help of former olympic team swimmer Birgit Lohberg (whose husband is coaching Darra Torres) and her video camera. Birgit is very good with using the camera and film to really critique your stroke - I mean this is a forensic, leave-your-ego-at-the-door exercise that goes frame by frame. I was not kicking steadily, was kicking too big with bent knees, was doing catch-up, was putting my arms deep into the water and pulling with straight arms and bobbing my head everywhere.

So, Birgit helped me over a few months and I was able to improve my stroke in our final camera session so she let me go on my own with instructions to get a tune up every so often. Shortly thereafter, I begged Paulo to let me do the masters a few times per week. I wanted companionship and healthy competition for my swim workouts.

Today, an amazing thing happened. I can remember when 100 (SCY) at Z2/Z3 would bring me to the wall on 1:45. Today, I hit the wall consistently at 1:30 without blowing a gasket. So was very happy!!


Jodi said...

Wow! Hey fish- you gonna give me some lessons?



Danny Montoya said...

Great job Judy on the swimmng, keep up the work, and be patient, it will all fall into place and you'll be even faster in the water!!

Your son looks like a great kid!!!